Rock'em Sock'em Robots Arena Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Change The 'bot Name

If you choose a bot name you don't like and don't want to start your bot over, then click on your bot's name above your inventory list. You can delete or edit your bot name. If you do, make sure to click on controls than exit, or it will take a letter off for every othe button you push.

Play As Tywrenchula

Successfully complete career mode with Stakeout to unlock Tywrenchula.

Play As Ben Hurt

Successfully complete career mode with Slamuri to unlock Ben Hurt.

Play As Old Blue

Successfully complete career mode with Blue Bomber to unlock the original blue robot.

Play As Old Red

Successfully complete career mode with Red Rocker to unlock the original red robot.

Unlock Characters

Beat the game with Red Rocker to get Old Red Beat the game with Blue Bomber to get Old Blue Beat the Game seven times to get Ben Hurt Beat the game eight times to get Sir Haxalot Beat the game nine times to get Tywrenchula

Secret Characters

First pick a character that you like for championship mode work you're way up to the final three then beat them without running the time out. And then go to either practice mode or versus mode and you can select them. You cannot use them for championship mode.

How To Fight As Sir Haxalot

Beat the game with Head case to fight as Sir Haxalot.

Extra Body Parts

To get extra body parts play on career mode and choose any player, then go in a battle and work on one part of the body (Only arms and legs) eventualy it will come of.