Rocket Power: Dream Scheme Cheats & Codes

Unlock Last Level

To unlock the Polka Festival and the Escape from Stimpleton's Lair enter in TW1ST3R!

Complete Game

Enter the password "8XK7CNZ3" to have a complete game with all of the gadgets.

All Levels


Level Passwords

Level			Password 

Ocean Shores Beach completed 	4GWD!KL1 
Mad Town completed 		MFKGTB!R 
Elementary School completed 	2V74BFDG 
Town Square completed 		6!LN99V5 
Neighborhood completed 		?FXX6BLJ 
Spooky Woods completed 	2L!DZHS8

Rocket Power: Dream Scheme Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Hold B to grind.

To Beat The Big Ugly Guy On The Spooky Woods

To beat the Big ugly Guy on the Spooky Woods you need to pull all the levers to hit him, not you. Once you hit the Ugly Guy with all the levers you free Tito.