Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue Cheats & Codes


Before you start the third level and press x, square, triangle three times fast and you will be able to ride on Otto's pipe.

Shore Shack

After you have beaten the last level press Square, Square, X, Circle, and Triangle right away to grab a bite to eat.

Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Freeze Mode

Fill up your special meter, jump and press Triangle. You will be stuck in the air for almost 10 sec. You will get no points for the tricks you do.

How To Get Conroy At The Selection Screen

Get 40,000 in freeplay with Twister and thenn quit and a message will come up telling you that you got Conroy.

Rollerblade On The Rollercoaster

Go to stage1. Go to the level called The Pier. Look around untill you find a big rollercoaster. Jump on it and your there!

Secret Characters

Angelica Pickles- In the Stadium go to the blue house on the right hand corner grind up the  rail and use the bolts to get you to the top and a  head will appear and it looks like Angelicas get it and  you will have Angelica

Conroy Blanc- This one is hard to understand go past the first two high jumps there will be three logs on the left side grind the last log and you will see a head that looks like Conroy get it to get Conroy

Larz- Go into stage 1 Stadium and go through the looping pipe get out of it and grind the tall rail but it's really short making it easy and hard to get but once you are on the sidewalk above grind the railing on the right to get Larz

Pi Piston- Go into the school and take a right you will see a rail surrounding the house and grind it let the bolts get you speed and then when you are at the top get of the rail or you will fall and in the half pipe will be a face  like Piston or you can simply go onto the ramp and grind the house and get the face either way you get Pi

Sputz- This one is easy to understand but hard to get in Bear Mountain jump through the bears face and you will get Sputzes face and you will have Sputz 

Tommy Pickles- Go into the stadium and loop de loop the side behind you when you first start and in the middle will be a face like tommy get it and you will have tommy

Raymoondo- In the dog bone level and at the very start you will see a loop go around the loop and in the middle of it will be Ray's face get it and you can play as Raymoondo/Ray Rocket

Tito Makani- complete Tito's challenge and you will get Tito