Rockman X3 Cheats & Codes

All Enhancements

Enter 6414, 4155, 6872, 3356 as a password to start a game with the special capsules (Double Air-Dash, Hyper Charger, Super Armor, I. Tracer) already obtained.

Zero's Light Sabre

Enter 7357, 7533, 6462, 7835 as a password to start a game with that weapon.

Final Stage

Enter the stage select screen and highlight the "X" logo. Then, quickly press Down + Square + X. If you entered the code correctly, the cursor will move to the bottom of the screen.

Level Passwords

Level		Password

Introduction		3721, 1281, 3751, 4456
Gravity Beetle	5623, 4888, 5851, 4221
Blast Hornet		1745, 5231, 5441, 2486
Neon Tiger		3621, 4867, 5851, 2227
Tunnel Rhino	5728, 1263, 5754, 2458
Blizzard Buffalo	7671, 2857, 2144, 1247
Volt Catfish		1778, 5253, 2444, 3488
Crush Crawfish	5718, 1266, 2727, 7458
Dr. Doppler's Lab	5718, 1263, 2627, 7458

Rockman X3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Defeating Byte

Another way to defeat Byte is to intentionally run into him when he shoots his pod across the screen, right before he dashes. Then he will dash across the screen and leave Megaman with just a small amount of damage.

Stronger Rockman

If you have a "Pocket Station" you can make Rockman much stronger, you have to go in the mini game were you battle bosses, when you get your levels up, goto the Boss data screen in the game, Goto Rockman. You'll see a pocket station icon, when you select it, it'll ask you to upload (it wont hurt anything if you SAVED THE 00 level) upload it, the Rockman you leveled up will be shown and when you start the game Rockman might have a more HP and AT.

Remixed Music For The Advanced Mode

At the menu select screen, when your cursor is on the Advanced menu(the 2nd menu), Press Start+Select at the same time. You will have remixed music in certain parts of the game. NOTE: To see if the code worked you must be at the the Title screen and the music must be Remixed like, Not 8-bit.