Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 Cheats & Codes

In-game Commands

Press the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding effect.
Effect			Code 

Toggle the screen view 		[Keypad Plus] or [Keypad Minus]  
Put up and take down your blind or treestand              [F8] 
Toggle person view      		[]  
Reload your gun          		R 
Take out and put back the compass 	P  
Take out your spotting scope 	S  
Take out your binoculars 		B  
Take out the map         		M  
Scroll through your inventory 	[ or ]  
Run 			Hold [Shift] when walking  
Crouch 			[Ctrl] 
Toggle your weapon 		[Space]  

More Cheatcodes

Press [F2], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] followed by [F2] to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Effect                        		Code 

Gun automatically sighted in  	r3sightin  
Animals do not run away       	r3nofear  
No noises                    		r3damper  
Large animals                		r3monster  
Less animals              		r3plague  
Move to the nearest animal    	r3find  
Display animals on map        	r3showme  
Hunter does not get tired     	r3homegym  
Snowy weather                 		r3blizzard  
Icy weather                   		r3ice 
Rainy weather                 		r3water  
Lightning                     		r3zeus 
Thunder                       		r3thunder 
Reset time to noon            	r3noon  
Automatically sight in gun    	r3sightin  
Flight mode                   		r3skyhook  
Walk through fences           	r3truck  
Bullet view                   		r3leadeye  
Strobe slope effect           		r3climber  
Gore mode                     		r3f13 
Attract animals               		r3beacon

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [F2], then enter one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function:


Attract animals  		r3beacon
Animals not afraid of hunter  	r3nofear
Travel to nearest animal  	r3find
Gun sighted in  		r3sightin
Rainy weather  		r3water
Snowy weather  		r3blizzard