RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies Cheats & Codes

SixFlags Park

Name your park "SixFlags great adventure and wild safari" to make you a sixflags park.

Picture Guest

Enter "Chris Sawyer" as a guest name to have them walk around and take pictures of your park.

Painting Guest

Enter "Simon Foster" as a guest name to have them walk around and paint pictures in your park.

Waving Guest

Enter "Katie Brayshaw" as a guest name to have them walk around and wave to everyone they meet.

Hungry Guest

Enter "Tony Day" as a guest name.

Happy Guest

Enter "Melanie Warn" as a guest name.

Double Payment For Rides Guest

Enter "John Mace" as a guest name.

Wow! Thinking Guest

Enter "John Wardley" as a guest name.

Faster Go-Karts

Enter "Damon Hill" as a guest name. Enter "Michael Schumacher" as a guest name to race even faster.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Flying Boats

After you have built a Boat Hire or Jet Ski Hire wait until your guests have brought out a boat and lower the water level right under them to see the boats fly.

Too Intense Coasters

When your building a rollercoaster, don't make the first drop a huge drop. If you do make a huge drop, the train will gain speed and go through the ride faster, making it more intense. So make sure the rollercoaster has a first drop that is not too small, and not too big.

The Consequenses Of Killing

If you kill a guest or kill a number of guests in your park, your park rating will go down 200 points per person.

A Great Start On A Park

When you start a new scenario,paying off the bank loan is the number one priority. When you pay off the loan, your park rating goes up, you make more money faster, and more guests will come. But just to make some insurence money before you pay it all off, build a few thrill rides to contain the guests and to make some money. Once you've built some thrill rides, pay off as much of the loan as you can. Then raise money from rides and the park enterence fee to pay off the rest of the loan. This is the best way to start a park.

Better Business For Food Stalls

When you feel it is time to build food stalls, it better be on June 4th. That's the best time to build them. But benches is a big thing. Build lots of them right next to each other! The guests like to have a place to sit while they eat. Then build garbage cans at the end of the long chain of benches. NOTE: Build bathrooms a month after you build the food stalls. That way, they won't lose so much money!

Coaster Advantage

When your building a park, rollercoasters are the best rides to start off with.They bring in the money, they please the guests, and they can have long enterence line to keep guests in. But remember, make rollercoaster's price at least $2.50 or more, depending on the size. If it is a big rollercoaster, then the enterence price will be high, if the rollercoaster is small, then the enterence price will be low.

Kill Guest You Don't Like

If there is someone you feel like killing make a half made rollor coaster and pick them up and put them in the line (remember to open the ride)then start it and they'll all die.(don't forget to close the ride and finish it when your done)

Flying People

This is a very strait foward code, and also an easy one. Ok, pick up a person and keep them on your screen click on the little hook thing and press backspace. Your person will be frozen in the air upon you!!!

Keep The Guests From Leaving

To make the guests never leave your park just put a no entry sign at the exit.

Get Rid Of Annoying Guests

Just click on them and drop them in the water and they will drown.

After A Crash

After any of your rides have crashed, click on it and double-click the red light to enable it again although the guests might think twice about riding it again!

Free Money

If you shut down your park for a year, you will get $10,000.

Freak Out The Guests

Click on any guest and open his/her window. Keep the window open for a while and the guest will think "I have the strangest feeling someone is watching me."

Quacking Duck/Poping Ballon

To make a duck quack or to make a ballon pop just click on it.