Roogoo Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Flip For Your Life!

At level 5-7 Roo Roll, the platforms start to flip. If you go down too soon, you will lose shapes and the tower on your left will move up. This is why you must wait for the platform to flip over ONCE, then speed up. While you are still above it, try to match the shape quickly. This also applies to the next ones you'll see.

Roogoo Unlockables & Awards


  • Acc-ROO-acy (10) : Score 100% accuracy on any 10 levels.
  • Bat Attack (35) : Score 100% accuracy on Bat Attack.
  • Bonus Drop (10) : Score perfect on any bonus stage.
  • Comeback ROO (13) : Win a multiplayer match with only one shape to lose remaining.
  • Fly Butterfly (20) : Score 100% accuracy on Fly Butterfly.
  • Meemoo Headache (7) : Knock off 7 consecutive Meemoo on a platform.
  • Meemoo Savvy (10) : Don’t miss any shapes after the first Meemoo attack.
  • One Track Mind (5) : Only rotate in one direction for any 5 levels.
  • ROO-Race (15) : Win a multiplayer match on ‘Bursting EX’.
  • ROO-Worthy (10) : Unlock the first 10 levels.
  • Roogoo Guru (50) : Achieve par time on all levels.
  • Tower of Moo (15) : Beat par time on Tower of Moo.
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