RPG Maker Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Build

Even though it might look all hard and impossible, it's not. I've created 3 Major RPG's just doing the following.
FIRST: Get a title. Whats an RPG w/o a title?
SECOND: Make Items. Not only will it increase the fun, but it will have the ability to make an RPG more lengthy.
THIRD: Make Magic. Fun to make images.
FOURTH: (optional) Make Skills. I never make skills so it's not really that important.
FIFTH: Make enemies to fight.
SIXTH: Make your characters.
SEVENTH: Make Dungeons. You can't play w/o dungeons.
EIGTH: Monster Appearances. So you can fight.
NINTH: Events. Really important.
TENTH: Make a field for your dungeons.

You Can't See Me!

If you don't make a starting party your character will be invisible! Note: But it's harder to see what your character is doing.

Walkthrough Game, Literally

When testing your game, if you hold O, then you can walk right over and through anything and anybody. Note, this can't be done during Actual playing of the game.

Return to Editor

To return to the editor when testing the game, just press all the top buttons and Start and Select at the same time. But remember to go to the menu and quicksave, so when you want to continue testing from that point, press resume and you'll be in the exact same spot.