Rugrats Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level		Password

Train Crash 		BVBYFJND 
Hospital 		TQMMY_QK 
Light Woods 	RJDBCVRT 
Dark Woods 		VNGBLJCV 
Ancient Ruin 	LJTBWQQD 

Different Levels

On the title screen, press Right and acess the password option. Now you can enter these codes for different levels in the Toy Palace. North Wing: CQQKJFSS East Wing: CRVWLJNG South Wing: PLVYPFNS West Wing: TQYBQXFS

Rugrats Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Find Tommy

YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF THE NEEDED ITEMS BEFORE USING THIS CODE. Go to where you started in the level:1800's Goldmine, and go done the ladder. When you get to teh bottom of the ladder you should see a worm pop out of the ground. If you didn't you took the wrong ladder. You will then see a railroad car beside the worm. Use the railroad. When you get off the railroad car, go back to where you started the level again. Use the same railroad car again. Then walk around there until you get to a row of acid pools. When you get across the acid pools look around there and you will find Tommy. You may need to go up a few ladders.