Rugrats in Paris: The Game Cheats & Codes

Extra Points

If you want Extra Points, hold down R1, L2 and X at the same time. However, you MUST BE Chuckie.

Rugrats in Paris: The Game Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Prize Center

You may be wondering what the Prize Center is about. What you need to do is collect Red Tickets and Gold Tickets to buy prizes to use to win gold tickets. Once you have 16 gold tickets you can battle Robosnail.

Finding Robosnail

Collect all 16 Gold Tickets during the game. Use them to buy the Reptar Control Helmet. Go to the center of Golf Park. You can now go through the "Keep Out" door. Go to Reptar and stand on the "Helmet" sign. Use the Helmet, then fight Robosnail.

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