Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get Free Axe

At the beginning of the game go to Bianca's house and talk to her. She will give you an Axe. You can use an axe to chop the branches and stumps that appear in your field for wood.

Saving Protects Your Farm

Before you rest each day, make sure you save because if a tornado comes the next day, you can just turn restart the game! This saved my farm a couple of times.

Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli is the only way you can get Lara to marry you. She will only except it once and you can only use it once so i recommend waiting for her to have full love and she will except. If you don't want to purpose to her and want to choose someone else, then you can keep the Lapis instead of giving it to her. You must have s big bed and a your house must be extended.


If you need a new and better sword you can either buy one from Leo or you can find one in the mines sometimes.

The White Stone And Where To Find It

The White Stone is the how you purpose to Rosseta. Make sure she is at full love. You can find this in the Toros Cave. In the first snowy place with water. At the front is a giant ice wall and click on it. He will say he found something or he will ask to dig. Say yes and you will get the stone. Either give it to Rosseta or keep it. You must have s big bed and a your house must be extended to get married.


A rollabouti is a rare bottle, there is only 10 in the world. You can obtain one bottle by going in to Jasper's basement.(The big Mansion) Go to the boxes in the northwest corner and click the A button there, Bianca will come down and tell you it is a rollabouti bottle, all the details, and say "You can keep it, Daddy has plenty, he collects them."

Get A Watering Can And A Hoe

At the beginning of the game, Mist will give you a watering can and a hoe.

Japanese Dialogue

During the introduction sequence, hold R and press A. If you entered the code correctly, the game's title will be spoken in Japanese. All voice acting will now be in Japanese.

Free Hammer

After you get the pass to carmite cave, plow 40 squares their then talk to leo he will give you a hammer to break rocks for iron silver ect.