Sabrina: The Animated Series: Zapped! Cheats & Codes

Sound Test

Enter Salem, Sabrina, Gem, Salem as a password.

Level Select

Enter Harvey, Chloe, Gem, Slugloafe as a password.

Level Passwords

Level	Password

1-2 	Sabrina, Sabrina Salem, Jem 
1-3 	Sabrina, Salem, Salem, Red head boy 
1-4 	Sabrina, Harvey, Salem, Sabrina 
2-1 	Salem, Cloey, Sabrina, Salem 
2-2 	Harvey, Salem, Red head boy, Red head boy  
2-3 	Harvey, Harvey, Red head boy, Sabrina 
2-4 	Harvey, Cloey, Red head boy, Salem 
3-1 	Cloey, Jem, Jem, Harvey 
3-2 	Jem, Harvey, Cloey, Sabrina 
3-3 	Jem, Cloey, Cloey, Salem 
3-4 	Jem, Jem, Cloey, Salem 
4-1 	Red head boy, Red head boy, Harvey, Cloey 
4-2 	Sabrina, Cloey, Jem, Salem 
4-3 	Sabrina, Jem, Jem, Harvey 
4-4 	Sabrina, Red head boy, Jem, Cloey 

Sabrina: The Animated Series: Zapped! Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Hint: Bosses

On the fourth stage of each level is a Boss. The Boss is one of the main characters, as an animal.
Level 1: Harvey
Level 2: Cloey
Level 3: Jem
Level 4: Slugloafe