Sabrina: The Teenage Witch - Spellbound Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Valentine Card

On the level where you need to get the valentine card, you need to go to school and go into the lunch room. There you will see a card on the table with a turkey on it. Use the time ball to turn it into a valentine card.

Ugly Mask

In level 1: Trick or Treat, use Monster droplets on the mask in Sabrina's room to transform the mask into the Ugly mask.

Tommy Co. Figure Jacket

In level 2: Clothes Make Mannequin, Click on the magazine in Sabrina's room. Use your Time Ball and C3D potion on the jacket in the illustration.

More Clues

If you go to the third part of Sabrina's room you can look in her diary/journal for more clues.