SaGa Frontier Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free Items In Scrap

Go to the Junk shop and pay the lizards the 300 to get into the junk room. Pick up three items and speak with the lizards. Select sell and hit O over the Hyperion Bazooka. Now go to the junk room and you'll have 7 more items to choose from. Do this as many times as you feel necessary.

Upgrade Junk In Scrap

To upgrade the junk you buy from the lizards, sell them RepairKits. Eventually you will be able to purchase Osc-Swords, LethalGuns, ExcelShields, CyberSuits, Walord Armor, and MirrorGlass helmets. If you have T260G in your party, give him 3 LethalGuns, 1 ExcelShield, 1 CyberSuit, and 2 Warlord Armor, he will have nearly 999 HP, 85 strength, 99 vitality, and very high quickness.


When the pirates take over the Cygnus in Red's quest, you can experience a nasty glitch. When you enter the dangerous deck and start to run across, save and reboot your Playstation. Now resume your saved game, and at the start, you'll get blown away each time, prompting you to start ALL OVER again!Unfortunately, Saga Frontier's notorious for doing this.

Obtaining Lute

In every quest, (except Lute's), you can find Lute in the pub in Scrap. He'll join you readily.

Get Asellus And White Rose Temporarily

In Red's quest, when pirates take over the Cygnus, check all of the passenger rooms. You'll eventually find Asellus and White Rose eager to join you. After you recover the Cygnus, they'll leave.

Play As Rouge

In Blue's quest, when you are fighting Rouge, purposely lose to him and at the end of the fight, you'll continue the game as Rouge!