Salt Lake 2002 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Best Bobsleigh Team

So far, I have been the best with Switzerland. I don't know why or anything, I'm just telling you that my record was with Switzerland, not U.S. or any other country.

Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh

It's important to tap the O and square buttons as fast and rythmically as possible to build up speed at the start of the run, but be careful to give the two men time to climb into the bobsleigh. You can be disqualified if you pass the red line before jumping into the bobsleigh. Don't over-steer. Try to keep the bobsleigh path clean with light touches and avoid bumping into the walls of the run, as these will only slow you down. Turn into the corners early and as high as possible to maintain good corner speed. but be careful to emerge out of the corners at the right time, otherwise you'll crash. Altogether, you have to be consistent every single time. Keep shooting for a better and better record.

Ladies' Alpine Skiing Slalom

At the beginning of the run, press the X button when the athlete is fully crouched to give her the best speed out of the start gate. I have not yet mastered this yet. Use the X or square button together with the L/R directional buttons or left analog sick to perform a jump turn in the required direction. Once your skier is through the last gate, press the X button to perform her poling move. This gives you a burst of speed to help record an even quicker time.

Men's Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom

Holding down and releasing the X button at the best position on the power bar will give the fastest start to the race. When you're in motion, the square button will make the snowboarder perform a jump turn. This will make your athlete corner more sharply to make those all-important tight turns.

Men's Ski Jumping K120 Individual

Watch the windsock and digital wind speed display to determine the best time to jump. If the windsock is full or the digital wind speed display shows wind is at its strongest, you have a better chance of "lift," "flight" and distance. You will be able to judge just how far you have jumped by checking the distance marker lines at the foot of the Out-run.

Men's Alpine Skiing Downhill

Try to stay in the crouch position as long as possible, because you'll travel a lot faster. Watch out for sharp turns as it is very difficult to turn quickly while crouching.

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