Sega Superstars Tennis Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Throw

If you want to throw higher on a tennis match, push down x & the square button together, don't push it down that hard because if you do it will be a out.

Superpowerful Superstar Hit!

Once you've filled up the star underneath you, press R1/L1. Once you've did this, you should have a superstar hit. But, if you press X & Square at the same time while you have your superstar hit activated, it'll become superpowerful and head upwards! Note:If you are on doubles tournament/match, be Tails and use his superpowerful superstar hit on the front person. He/She should hit the tennis ball way out of bounds! Try it!

Sega Superstars Tennis Unlockables & Awards

Shadow The Hedgehog

Complete mission 14 of sonic the hedgehog's world.

New Player

To Unlock Amy, play doubles on sonic the hedgehog.

New Player

To unlock Pudding you need to beat a tournament battle, (In Doubles), at the space channel 5.

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