Sega Superstars Tennis Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Back Flip

To do a back flip enter: L, LB, L, LB

Sega Superstars Tennis Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Meemee

Complete mission 8 of super monkey ball's world.

Unlock Gilius

Complete the Golden Axe Tournament in Superstars Mode.

Unlock Shadow The Hedgehog

Complete Mission #14 in Sonic The Hedgehog's World

Unlock Amy

Beat The Sonic The HedgeHog Stage.

Unlock Virtua Squad

Complete "Hit The Big Zombies!" in Curien Mansion stage.

Unlock Space Harrier

Complete "Tournament Singles" in Virtua Squad or Space Channel 5 stage.

Unlock Outrun

Complete "Hit The Justice Shots" in Virtua Squad stage.

Unlock Alex Kidd

Complete "Get A High Score!" in Space Harrier stage.


You can unlock Pudding (Ulala's friend) by going to superstars. Then go to channel 5 and win the tournament.

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