Shadow Hearts: From the New World Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Roswell Entry

When you get to Roswell have a look around and the go to the bus stop and then Frank will make it into a Saber have him equip it and then go to the right of the screen and then you should end up at the Air Base front gate. Talk to the officers and then your characters will decide on finding a "back way in." Go back to the other screen and then then go talk to the guy nest to the gas tanks. Not the person next to the truck. He will tell you about a truck that goes into the Air Base. Then go back to where the gaurds are and there will be the truck! (Yay!! ^_^) Get on the truck and there you go.

Roswell Password

The clue Morrison's brother gives you is "Alien." The three passwords should describe the clue. "Gray" "Little" "Men"