Shadow of Rome Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Do Different Moves 2

Arial Cruelty To Animals:Hit a tiger with a weapon 3 times in a combo or until the animal goes down
Demancheri:While you have a gladius just pick up a dagger
Thorns Of Rose:pick up a rose & throw it over someone by pressing R1 & triangle
Meat Eater:Grab a meat piece & eat it whole at once by tapping square (as fast as possible) repeat this 2 to 3 times
Roman Spot Light:get the attention of the crowd by pressing square & x when your salvo meter is max
Birdseye:just pick up a rock or barrel &throw it over an eagle
Rock It:throw a stone over anyone
Rock And Roll:use the catapult to throw a rock over an elephant
Rest In Peace:go to a grounded opponent with a weapon & press x
Im - Pression:At certain stages you will find some traps with gongs (a shield type of thing) at corners just hit the gong when someone is below it
Second Im - Pression: repeat I'm - Pression twice in a battle Rock Breaker:destroy statues that are present at certain arenas
Crowd Pleasure:do as much violence as possible don't stop attacking even for a second
Enemy Of The Crowd:throw things on the crowd using the catapult.

Easy Way To Win From An Elephant

Do not fight the elephant from front or behind just continue to hit it from the side either left or right between the two legs and it will surely go down.

How To Do Different Moves

Human Catapult : get some1 groggy & from behind press square & repeatedly tap it
Bullseye : grab a weapon then aim some1 by R1 or L1 and press triangle
Wrath Of The Gods:grab a weapon and attack with it after charging it by holding X
Gladiator's Booty : while you don't have any weapon then aim any one & press X repeatedly tap it
Weapon Breaker : keep on hitting when any opponent is blocking to break his weapon
No Superman : at certain stages there are places at heights just try to throw someone down from there
Guard And Attack : grab a shield and block attacks using it & when ur opponent had stopped attacking you attack him.

How To Do The Move, Juicy Tomato

Any time you are face someone in the arena, {But not a boss}, when someone is limping, walk up behind them, {But you have to have a mace} Hold down X. Then let go when you are as close as possible behind him or her. That should have made his or her head come off.