Shaman King: Power of Spirit Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Win With L1+R1 Attack

You can use this attack for Lyserg, Rio, Meril or Masked Meril, Faust VII, Trey, Toa Len, and Yoh, but only when it is on yellow in verses mode. To get it, you must guard(but wathch out when Meril kicks with triangle+up), and hit at your opponant. This is an easy way to win.

Zeik, Masked Meril

In *Versus Mode* if you want to use Zeik(yohs brother) highlight Yoh and press *select* instead of *X*, the Same with Meril use *Select* instead of *X* top be masked Meril, and the same to use the three different goth girls that you fight.

Versus Mode

To get versus mode you have to beat the game you can use Yoh, Trey, Lyserg, Rio, Len, Meril, all the members of the grand millenium force, the three goth girls, and more