Shark! Hunting the Great White Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Sea Ocean

Go to sharkopedia. Than goto tiger shark. Back up as much as you can. Put your mouse as high as possible. Then you will see the sea.

Encounter Different Sea Animals

There are many sea animals in the ocean while you are hunting. This includes fish, dolphins, whales, swordfish, and there is a shark that is very small and it is not a shark being hunted. When I first got the game I thought it was a shark that should be hunted and I kept shooting it until I realized it is not supposed to be hunted.

Secret Equipment

There are weapons hidden in most of the levels in Career mode. Here are the 
secret weapons:
Mission		Secret equipment

California Beach	Improved Suit    
Ajanta Temple	Pneumatic Speargun 
Cuba Caves		Improved Fins     
Carribbean Wreck	Improved Tank     
Rhodes Temple	Heavy Pneumatic Speargun
Australian Reef	High Tech Fins

Encounter A Megatooth Shark

To encounter a Megatooth Shark,a supposed extinct shark, you must beat all the levels of career mode. At the last level,the level is called mystery. The shark you have to kill is the Megatooth Shark. (Note: This shark can only be encountered in career mode.)