Shenmue 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Hidden Toy Capsule Machine

This is for all you people who like the toys in Shenmue 2. Ok, at th Ghost hall boulding go to the end of the hall and turn right at the elevator, then go in trough the open space and into the Black Heavens bilding. In that boulding go up to the tenth floor and go to the edge look right, head towards the toy casule, but watch out you will lose your balance so press right. Now get your toys! Good Luck!

Mo Money!!!

At the fortunes pier behind warehouse 6 there is a lucky hit stand. Play the $20 dollar game that is 3x the bet put the ball to the left side. You should hit about 75% of the time its a good way to make about a thousand dollars in a day. Good LUCK!!!!!!

Hidden Artwork

Place Disc 1 in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find artwork in the "Omake" directory.