Shining Force NEO Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Force Teleporter

Ok, during the game you will get the stone that will teleport you back to to town. Some time after that you will be taken to the headquarters. Then you will be able to use Force teleporters, which will let you go to towns you have been to. Yeah, that's find and dandy right? Well here's a tip for ya. You've probably seen then Force teleporters around and clicked on them and it says, "This teleporter has been out of use for sometime now." or somewhere around those lines. Later in the game, those will be active again. If you clicked on them, they will be active right when you get these stones from grandma, but if you haven't, you will have to go back to all of them to active them. They are by these caves that you use those stones on to open a door and fight a pretty hard battle. Anyways, that was off the subject. Just, if you see the deactivated teleporters, click them, it's better than going back out of your way to find them again.