Shining Soul Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Advanced Mode

After defeating the Dark Dragon and watching the ending, return to the character select screen and select your character. You will have the option of choosing Normal Mode or Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode has harder enemies and better items. The best class for Advanced Mode is the Draonute because of his ability to lower enemy defense.

Infinite Money

Use this to sell a shop it's own items.
1. Go to one of the shops. 
2. Grab one of your items. 
3. Press R three times. 
4. Drop it into your inventory/
5. Move the cursor over any item you can afford.
6. Grab it.
7. Take it to your inventory. 
8. Then press R and drop it. 

Shining Force Character Bonuses

Each class has a special bonus for naming it the following name.
Max/Fighter/+10 Str
Hans/Archer/+10 Vit
Anri/Wizard/+10 Int
Bleu/Dragonute/+10 Dex