Shrek 2 Cheats & Codes

Unlock All Levels

Left up x circle left up x circle left up x circle up up up up up.

Full Health

When you are playing the game, pause it, select Scrapbook, and enter Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up. When you resume the game, you should have full health.

1,000 Coins

When playing the game, pause it, and select scrapbook. Once there, enter: Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle(5). Once you resume the game, you should have 1,000 coins.

All Bonuses

During gameplay, press start to access the pause menu. At the pause menu enter the scrapbook and press Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle. If you entered the cheat correctly, you'll hear a confirming message.


Enter the first level and press the start button. Select scrapbook on the in-game pause menu. Press Left, up, cross, circle, left, up, cross, circle, left, up, cross, circle, up, up, up, up. When done correctly you will hear a voice announce "That's what I call spreading joy." Exit the menu using the "back" command. Select "exit level" and choose "Yes" to comfirm your choice. Select "Chapter Select from the Contents menu to view and select all of the unlocked levels.

Shrek 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Oh Merry Men!

On the very first level, you will meet up with some bad guys. You will have to fight them all. The head of those bad guys will shout "Oh Merry Men!" Then the battle will begin. When you start fighting,it's like it never ends because people are dropping from the trees. In Order to stop them from fighting is to find the man on the swing and kill him. When you do that, they stop falling from trees and you can continue with the level.

Puss N' Boots Sky Diving Move

On the Puss n' Boots Bonus Game, Go to the exit. Once there bounce under it and get the exit. Make sure you fall back down through the platform that you came up on. You will fall and puss n' Boots will do a pose while falling. It looks like he is sky diving.

Beat Prince Charming

In my opinion, Prince Charming is quite easy. First, Charming attacks you with his sword. Switch to Puss 'n Boots. Use your Cat Ball attack (x then square). It will damage him and get you behind him. Keep attacking him with Puss 'n Boots until he is dizzy. Then switch to Shrek. Pick up Charming and throw him as far as you can. Prince Charming will then jump on a platform and activate its convaire belt. 4 chickens will be on the belt. Charming will turn them into knights. Kill the knights.Then he will jump off the platform and repeat the attack pattern. Repeat yours. Soon he will lose and activate a switch. A giant cauldron will chase you. You need to run away from it while avoiding obstacles. Once you escape, I believe you've completed the chapter.

Defeat The Rock God

The boss rock god on the level The Mines. You have to attack when he is tired or dizzy in order to defeat him.

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