Shrek Superslam Cheats & Codes

Pizza Cheat Codes

  • Pizza One - Up, Up, Y, Y, Right, Right, B, B, Down, Down, L, R, Left, Left, X, X, L, R
  • Pizza Two - B, B, X, X, R, R, Left, Left, L, L
  • Pizza Three - Down, Down, Right, B, Up, Y, Left, X, L, L
  • Slammageddon

    Up up down down left right left right Y X X L R.

    All Medals And Trophies

    At the title screen press R, L, Y, X.

    All Challenges

    At the title screen press Y(3), B(3), Y, X, B, X(3), Up, Down, Left, Right, L, R.

    Super Speed Power-Up

    At the title screen press L(2), R(2), L, R, L, R, X, B, Y(2).

    All Story Mode Chapters

    At the title screen press Y, X, R, B.

    Shrek Superslam Unlockables & Awards

    Unlockable Characters

  • Anthrax Beat Bonus 7 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Captain Hook Beat Tournament 25 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Cyclops Beat Challenges 36-40 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Donkey Beat Tournament 7 in Mega Challenge mode
  • G-nome Beat challenges 11-15 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Huff N' Puff Wolf Beat Tournament 20 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Humpty Dumpty Beat Bonus 4 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Luna Beat Challenges 26-30 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Quasimodo Beat Tournament 3 in Mega Challenge mode
  • Robin Hood Beat Tournament 13 Mega Challenge mode
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