Shrek Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get The Egg On The Arch

Knock out humpty dumpty and put him by the arch. Then jump on him and jump on the arch.


Perform at least four good deeds to unlock race mode. Play in race mode to get tokens to buy and unlock the following cheats: Chalk Mode, Crude Oil Mode, Cyber Shadows, Fast Mode, Infinite Flame, Infinite Gas, Invulnerability, Leak Mode, Low Gravity, Money For Merlin, Plastic Mode, Super Flatulence, and Super Strength.

The Wolf And BoPeep's Sheep

Kick and carry the wolf from the farm through the tunnel and down to the goose pond. He will be "lost" there allowing you to put all of the sheep in the pen.

Jumping Off Walls

Practice jumping off walls. You can get into a lot of otherwise inaccessible places with well- timed jumps.

Getting Past Bo Beep's Sheep / Wolf

Mother Goose world - It seems the wolf is more interested in chasing 'you' while you are holding a sheep than hanging around the pen letting the ones you've already collect out again. Do your best to always have a sheep in your hands to avoid 'loosing' sheep. Kick the wolf to be near the next sheep and grab the sheep before the wolf makes it back to the pen. (repeat 4 times)