Silent Hill 4: The Room Cheats & Codes

One Weapon Mode

Earn 10 big stars in Hard mode.

Silent Hill 4: The Room Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Chainsaw Weapon

Successfully complete the game, save and load the new data. In the Forest World, search for a cut tree trunk near the car and you will locate the Chainsaw beside it.

Cynthia's Special Costume

Finish the game with all four endings on one slot. Start a new game and select Eileen's nurse uniform to have Cynthia wearing her special costume.

Eileen's Nurse Costume

Successfully complete the game on any skill level and then restart using the same save. Check room 303 for the costume. It can be selected on the 3rd run through.

All Weapons Mode

Successfully complete One Weapon mode.

Fifth Alternate Ending

Successfully complete the game four times and earn the 4 different endings. Play the game again using the same save slot and select Eileen's nurse uniform. If you complete the game a fifth time, hold Y and B before the ending to see the special UFO fifth ending.

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