Silent Hill: Downpour Cheats & Codes

Unlock Cheat Codes

  • Unlock Nail Gun and Double Axe : 171678
  • Unlock Pistol 45 and Baseball Bat : 353479
  • Unlock Rifle and Golf Club : 911977
  • Silent Hill: Downpour Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

    Alternate Endings

  • Secret Ending 1 : Complete the game once and during your second playthrough complete the "Digging Up the Past" side-quest before completing the game
  • Secret Ending 2 : Die during the final encounter
  • Silent Hill: Downpour Unlockables & Awards

    Unlock An Alternate Outfit

    After completing the quest "Stolen Goods", return to the thief's apartment. There should be a pile of discarded clothing where the thief's corpse was hanging. Press A on the clothing pile to switch between Murphy's standard outfit and a black hoodie with jeans.


  • Art Appreciation (Bronze) : Completed "The Art Collector" side quest.
  • Ashes, Ashes (Bronze) : Collected 3 pages of the rhyme book.
  • Birdman (Bronze) : Completed the "Bird Cage" side quest.
  • Broken Cycle (Bronze) : Defeated The Bogeyman.
  • Calling All Cars (Bronze) : Completed the "All Points Bulletin" side quest.
  • Capital Punishment (Gold) : Completed the game on the hard game difficulty setting, any ending.
  • Cutting Room Floor (Bronze) : Completed the "Cinéma Vérité" side quest.
  • Dust to Dust (Bronze) : Completed the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest.
  • Ending A (Silver) : Achieved "Forgiveness" ending.
  • Ending B (Silver) : Achieved "Truth & Justice" ending.
  • Ending C (Silver) : Achieved "Full Circle" ending.
  • Ending D (Silver) : Achieved "Execution" ending.
  • Ending E (Silver) : Achieved "Surprise!" ending.
  • Fight or Flight? (Silver) : Escaped from 20 monsters.
  • Found a Friend! (Bronze) : Met DJ Ricks in the Radio Station.
  • Going off the Rails (Bronze) : Escaped from Devil's Pit.
  • Good Behavior (Silver) : Completed the game on any difficulty without killing any monsters.
  • Gun Control (Bronze) : Killed 25 monsters with the Pistol or Shotgun.
  • Hypochondriac (Bronze) : Used 20 First Aid Kits.
  • Lockdown (Silver) : Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Minions.
  • Long Walk, Short Pier (Bronze) : Completed the "Ribbons" side quest.
  • Neighborhood Watch (Bronze) : Completed the "Stolen Goods" side quest.
  • No Turning Back (Bronze) : Reached Overlook Penitentiary.
  • Now You're Cooking... (Bronze) : Survived the Diner Otherworld.
  • Out of the Frying Pan (Bronze) : Rode the Sky Tram to Devil's Pit.
  • Piñata Party (Silver) : Killed or incapacitated 10 Weeping Bats.
  • Puzzle Master (Gold) : Completed the game on the hard puzzle difficulty setting, any ending.
  • Rain Maker (Platinum) : Collected all trophies.
  • Shadow Boxer (Silver) : Killed or incapacitated 10 Dolls.
  • Silence is Golden (Silver) : Killed or incapacitated 10 Screamers.
  • Silent Alarm (Bronze) : Completed "The Bank" side quest.
  • Silent Hill Historic Society (Silver) : Completed Murphy's Journal with all Mysteries.
  • Silent Hill Tour Guide (Gold) : Completed all side quests.
  • Spot the Difference (Bronze) : Completed the "Mirror, Mirror" side quest.
  • Stay of Execution (Silver) : Incapacitated 20 monsters without killing them.
  • Telltale Heart (Bronze) : Completed the "Dead Man's Hand" side quest.
  • The Bigger They Are... (Silver) : Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.
  • Turn Back Time (Bronze) : Completed "The Gramophone" side quest.
  • Useless Trinkets (Bronze) : Completed the "Digging up the Past" side quest.
  • What's Your Sign? (Bronze) : Completed the "Shadow Play" side quest.
  • Whatever Doesn't Kill You... (Bronze) : Escaped the Radio Station Otherworld.
  • Will Work For Food (Bronze) : Completed the "Homeless" side.
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