Silent Hill Origins Cheats & Codes

Infinate Health

A, B, X, Y, Up, Down, Left, Right, X(2).

Medicine Box Code

On the second floor of the hospital you will encounter a medicine box that you need a six digit code to open it. The code is 312319.

Silent Hill Origins Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Basement Key/Map

When Travis reaches the cemetery he'll enter through two doors. It's dark and it doesn't seem like much is there. The Map is located on a table near the dining hall. Once you've done your walk through then you will go up stairs once you've found every door you can enter you'll come to this room where you see a machine. It'll ask do you want to take a look: There are 5 gauges press the 1st; 3rd; and 5th you'll see them go up. Then press 2nd; and 4th. Continue in that order and you should get the basement key.

Silent Hill Origins

Now Travis is still walking around the sanitarium trying to find the girl. As he moves from side to side in the sanitarium he discovers items that can be useful. One of the items will be found in the hydrotherapy room in a hydro tub. (key) that the drain sucks down once you push the button to drain the tub;you will have to go to the basement in the pipe room to get. Also make sure you flush the toilet in the women's bathroom that's the key that will be flushed down to the pipe room. Another hint is when you first make it onto the male side of the sanitarium you see the seclusion room. Go inside each room that you can. Make sure you read your notes because this becomes very helpful. Now in the infirmary you will come across 5 dolls that you will have to figure out which medication to give them; base on the 5 rooms you came across earlier will help you. Now the here's the chart: Second row 2. Blue; 1 red; First row: 4. Green; 5. Blue; 3. Yellow. After entering these meds you will receive Dr. Harris Office key.


In the Maintenance Tunnel, the peepholes look like pipes, check your map and go to the room w/ the mirror or 500 when you first look you should see the Butcher looking around and when you look again he's gone but then you'll see a calendar with 12 circled.