Sim Animals Cheats & Codes

Way To Unlock All The Animals!

Enter - Verasmenagerie.

Unlock 3 New Animals

While playing in any forest press 2 on wii-mote. Press enter codes and type in PANDA and you will get a panda! Also type in FERRET and you will get a ferret and finaly type in RED PANDA to get a small red panda!

Sim Animals Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Help Beating The Game.

Always carry a beaver with you. You'll always need him.

Ways To Sooth Animals

Wants fun:
-Pet them
-introduce them to other animals
-give them a new food

Is angry:
-pet them
-feed them

-let them be, they will let off angry energy if they wont sleep

-if theyre scared of you build their trust by feeding them or petting them
-if scared of an animal then take them away from the animal and/or put them in 
  your knapsack

Wants to have babies:
-dont go near animals that just had babies, a fight may break out
-make that animal and another one at three hearts and keep intorducing them to each
  other until they  mate

-let them be
-pet them to make them more happy

If you want to make them angry:
-toss them as far as you can
-drop them in the water
-pet them
-hold them and spin around and then drop and make it dizzy
-feed it food it dosent likeafter that they should be very angry.

The Beaver's Dam

To get a beaver to build a dam it must first be happy.

Get the Panda

Go to the forest of your choice and start playing in it. Once you get there, click the number 2 button on your Wii-mote. You'll have a menu show up. Click on the green crystal thing (It'll say "Enter Code"). So you Click it, and you get this keyboard. Once you get the keyboard, simply type in Panda. And then you get a panda.

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