Sims 2: Castaway Cheats & Codes

Gnome Cheat

This will activate the gnome cheat, so you can access you other cheats. Gnome cheat - L, R, Up, X, R.

Max Out All Relationships

Press LT, Up, RT, Left, Triangle.

All Craft And Resources (Doesn't Include Food)

Square, Triangle, R, Down, Down, Up.

All Plans (Shelters, Clothes, Etc.)

X, R, X, R, X.

Max Current Food And Resources

Press square 4 times, then press L, or the left trigger.

Maximum Inventory

Press Left, Right, Square, RT, and Square.

Fill All Motives

Press RT, Up, X, Square, and LT.

Add Skills

Press Triangle, L, L, Left, and Triangle.

Sims 2: Castaway Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get A Death Daisy

If you wish to get a death daisy you must refrain from feeding your sim until it starves to death. This gives you a death daisy.

Add Skills

Make an account that has their main skill as cooking. Then get level 6 mechanical. Enable ''maximum current food and resource'' and ''all plans'' codes. Next make the metal stove, cook something random and eat it. If it increased your skills open the screen and select Island travel. Travel to another part of the island. You should now have the raised skills permanently. Repeat this to get 10 of all the skills.

Main Resources You'll Need

The main resources you'll need during the course of the game is: wood-softwood/hardwood, banana leaves, and vines. Of course you'll need to gather other resources to make more things, but those are the main ones, especially to build shelter and clothing.

Faster Travel

Press Start then select Island map and pick the location your heart desires.