Six Flags Fun Park Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Frighten Phill

In fright fest to get all the collectibles for frighten phill you need to find a ghost dispenser and collect all 6 toys foe him. There are two ghost dispenser.

Unlock Funville In Multiplayer

When you fix the last thing, (The Collosus), you will be ordered by Gramps to open the main gates. As soon as Jr. Mayor Henry says to you that you stole M. R Mayor's Watch and should give it back to him, It will say Multiplayer Unlocked! Then it will say below Funville is now unlocked in Multiplayer Mode! YOOHOO! That is my favrouite place!

How To Look For Tickets And Coins.

Look in trash cans, remove the garbage in the floor and in fright fest look in the trees.

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