Sky Surfer Cheats & Codes

Rolling Barrel Right

X Square, Square, X

Rolling Barrel Left

X Circle, Circle, X


Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square

Snow Ball

Triangle, Square, Square, Circle

Burner Speed

Circle, Circle, Circle, Square

Free Fall

Triangle, X, X Triangle


Square, Triangle, X Circle

Tidy Bowel In The Hole

Square, X Circle, X

The Plate

Triangle, X Triangle, X

Opening Touring Car

Square, Square, Square, Circle

Menhouse Surprise

Square, Triangle, X


Circle, Triangle, X

Dirt Bike Madness

To ride a dirt bike press the following- L, L2, R, X, R2, L, CIRCLE, X - OR - L, L, R, X, R2, L ,CIRCLE, X. Use at title screen.