Smashing Drive Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret World

At the 3rd level race of each real level,like the 3rd level in night owl when it is saying taxi condition and stuff like that tap a as fast as you can.Then you will begin a secret level. The secret level is the same as the 3rd leven in each course exept the sky is different colors and you have less time PS. it will only work in the 3RD course in each level

Extra Time In Arcade Mode

Every time you continue in arcade mode, you will start off with one extra second than before. You can keep on losing and continuing, earning more seconds every time.

Unlock Rush Hour Shift

Beat the Early Bird shift.

Unlock Night Owl Shift

Beat the Rush Hour shift.

Unlock Dusk And Wired Shift

Beat the Night Owl shift.

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