Snowboard Kids Cheats & Codes

Nancy On Skis

At the start screen press c-up, c-down, anolog-left, right, c-left, c-right.

All Snowboards, Characters, And Courses

At the title screen, press Analog-stick Down, Analog-stick Up, Down, Up, C-Down, C-Up, L, R, Z, Left, C-right, Analog-stick Up, B, Right, C-Left, Start. If you entered the code correctly, Nancy will laugh.

Snowboard Kids Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret Board

To get the special 3 board just get all of the boards. The special 3 board has amazing stunt quality.

Go Faster

While on a straight stretch hold A. If done right you will hear your character say "yeah." IMPORTAINT, do not use the stick during this hint.

Ninja Land Course

Earn a gold medal on the "Silver Mountain" bonus track.

Silver Mountain Course

Earn a gold medal on the "Quicksand Valley" bonus track. This will enable the Silver Mountain track and a special ending sequence with all characters.

Quicksand Valley Course

Earn gold medals on courses one through six. Then, a new snowboard and the Quicksand Valley desert track will become available.

Play As Shinobin

Earn a gold medal on the "Ninja Land" bonus course.

Start Out In 1st Place

Keep taping the A button. Sometimes it desn't work all the time.