SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Throw Items Faster

Just press X really fast and you will throw any throwable Item really fast but I wouldn't waste them like this just a tip for if theres a whole crowd of people.

Easy Boss Takedown

Entry Location: last level
On the last level when you have too take the boss guy down he is in a glass room right, just stand out side the room and make sure that he sees you, then he will try to shoot you he can't shoot through the glass so he ends up wasting all his ammo and then surrenders.

Free Command Equity

This trick Only works for Infrastructure (online) play, create a room with.
Players: 6 Players
Score Type: Ranked
Game Mode: Suppression
Round Count: 11
Friendly Fire: Off
Spawn Style: Captive
Any Weapons
To get Free CE, there must be 5 or more players in the game, the majority of the players goes to one team, while One player goes to the opposing team, have everyone Except the One Player press START While the timer is counting down the One Player should be able to switch sides by pressing SELECT when the timer is at 6, 4, or 3 leaving one side Completely empty while Everyone gets 260 CE per game.


Whispering is like Private Text Chat, while at the Game Lobby go into text chat and press "/w 'Player Name' 'Message'" without the quotes. same for sending invites just replace the 'w' with a 'f' for friend invite, 'c' for clan invite Nobody else can see the message, you cab Whisper to anyone online as long as you know their Username.

Hide & Seek

This is not one of the game types, but you can still play it Make a room, name it Hide and Seek, password is optional.
Max players should be 8
Score type should be Open
Usually pick wide open maps
Game type should be Suppression, Elite Mode is optional
Round Count should be 1
Round Time Should be around 4-6
Friendly Fire is not recommended
Respawn Style should be off
Weapons should be JUST SHOTGUNS
Rules: SEALs are the Hiding People, Mercs are the Seekers. HIDERS CANNOT KILL UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. Only 1 Seeker until there are 8 people, then 2 people can be Seekers.

Increased Accuracy

When playing in campaign or online if you go prone and stay still you can shoot them in the head. Helps in online play if you stay hidden behind something.

Too Hard To Play?

If you are having problems winning the game then try going in with the popular guns that are listed: AK-47, ATS-86G, SR22, M8, or the L96AW. It's also easier if you use the gun that the enemy has so that you could get free ammo and save room in your inventory for better equipment.

Sausages For Objectives

To look for sausages instead of completing objectives complete anywhere from 100 to 150 missions. Its probably when you have played for a certain amount of total time, but there is no way of finding that out so the missions are just a guideline. Once completed, the next mission's TacMap will say "Collect sausages!" for the main objective, and the description will say, "Because you are crazy enough to play our game so much, we congratulate you with this sausage fest! Delicious Bratwurst awaits!" You will collect about 15 different types of sausage, and get about 500 ce for each one you find. Find them all and complete secondary objectives as well and you will get around 16000 and 18000 ce. As a bonus, grab the sausage when your partner is standing still, and they might do one of the victory dances as seen in online multi-player.