Soldiers: Heroes of World War II Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Go to the installation folder Rename the file called game.pak to Open the with your favorite zip file manager Extract the file called \set\registry\lod.reg to the installation folder with full paths Now explore from the install folder to the file you just extracted and edit it using a text editor Change the EASY settings in this file to the following:
{health 0.0} 
{accuracy 0.0} 
{thickness 0.0} 
{burst 0.0} 
{firing_timeout 0.1} 
{health_increase 99} 
{burst 1.0} 
{accuracy 99} 
{thickness 99} 
{health 99}
Experiment with other values. Now save the file and add the file back into the archive with full path overwriting the original Rename the file back to game.pak Now play the game and when you choose EASY level to use these new values. Your units should be accurate and virtually invincible while the enemy units are near death and very poor shots.