Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Shadow Chao

Hatch a regular Chao egg and only let shadow pet it until its black. Then keep only giving it only green Chao drives until speed is level 15. Also the stamina has to be at level 15. When it transforms it will have green stripes. Keep giving it the chao drives to turn it red. Do the same thing to make a sonic chao but pet it with only sonic until its white. And same thing with the stamina.

Ghost Chao

To make a ghost chao you must buy a white egg from the black market. Its simple after you hatch the egg. Just keep giving it bats and make it a dark chao. Then it will be a ghost chao.

Shadow's Ancient Light

In the Sky Rail stage, go past the shortcut rocket and jump across the gap. Go past the chao box. The G.U.N. robots will appear. Use your homing attack on them and use it again to access the spring. You will go up and in between a circle of rings is Ancient Light,which allows Shadow to use Light Attack.

Chaos Chao

Feed every kind of animal to your chao only once! After he get the last kind of animal, he will go and turn into a chaos chao. Chaos chaos are immortal, they will never die. There is a neutral, hero, and dark chaos chao.


Sometimes when you're watching your chao, s/he will. Um. *sigh*. Fart.

Use Omochao As A Weapon

The best stages for this one are City Escape or Dry Lagoon. First get close enough without touching him then pick him up. Run around for a little bit to gain speed then throw him at a robot. The robot will blow and Omochao will fall ready to be picked up again.

How To Make Your Chao Breath Fire

To make your chao breath fire simply go to stage select and then go to the wild canyon stage and get all three chao boxes in any order and you will get a dragon then don't complete the level go back to stage select do this about two three time till you get at least three dragons give them to one chao and my chao Emmy only breathed fire after I gave her a nut!

Jump Head-Head Game

It´s with Sonic and Shadow in 2 player battle grind race stage. When the rails spin in a certain part of the stage wait for the turning, at the first second jump and aim into an Anubis head, and when you´ve landed, try to make "super jumps" making a spin dash and jumping, you´ll go really high and really fast going forward, and try to land in the next head. If you notice you will no make it to the head make an extra homing attack.

Skull Head Chao

Go to the dark choa garden as knuckles or rouge. Keep diging until you see a skull pot out. Pick up the skull and give it to one of your choas. (if you don't want the chao to have anything on it's head you have to jump on it)

Medal On Chao

Win a Chao race or Chao Karate. (I think it only works for Chao race) Your Chao will have a Chao medal on his or her chest.

3rd Mission "Finding the Lost Chao"

This hint will help you if you cant figure out how to find the Lost Chao on the 3rd mission for every level. What you need the most is the mystic melody. You should jump on top of the little statues you find (the ruins) and play it. Something will happen that will help you with finding the chao. EX City Escape: Go through the level until you hit the ground after falling down the building. Go to the left of the tree and *WOW* there is a statue. Play mystic melody on it and a spring will appear by the tree jump in it and you will grab a pulley. It pulls you up and there it is! THE LOST CHAO!!

2P Mini-Kart Racing

To unlock 2P mini-Kart Racing beat the stages "Route 280" and "Route 101".

Break Through Force Field

This is a very weird glitch and very simple. Just turn the camera to where you are facing the water fall. Go to the far left of the water fall by the plant. Keep doing homing attacks until you break through the force field and split into two. You can float around in the sky and stuff It's really cool. If you can't do it look it up on another website or just keep trying.

Speed Up In Single And Multiplayer

First you must obtain the light attack first. Then you go to any of sonic or shadow stages. Find a apeed up item or collect 80 rings and head to a checkpoint. Once you have got the speed up item use the light attack skill and wait until the music is over then let it go. This you got a speed up. Note that if you get hit by any attack you will lose it. You can fall or restart and still keep it. In 2p you have to collect 80 rings and use speed up before you touch a checkpoint or you find a speed up with 20 rings.

Speed Up In Single And Multiplayer

In 1p Obtain the light attack skill then go to any of sonic or shadow stages in the stage select menu. To use speed up find a speed up item or collect 80-89 rings and head to any checkpoints. Once you got the speed up item charge it by using the light attack and wait until the music sequence is over and then let it go and boom you can now go faster. Note that if you get hit by a hazard or get hit by any enemy while still using light attack you will lose it so be careful. If you fall or restart you can still keep it. In 2p with sonic or shadow you can either collect 20 rings and find a speed up item or you can find any checkpoint with 80 rings. Make sure you always use speed first before you get the speed up item otherwise if you use it during the speed up you will run slower. You can fall, restart, etc. And still keep it.

How To Get The Chao In Security Hall

First, kill the spike robot on-screen by continously pressing B. Then, go to your left & jump on the platform where the hint thingy usually is. Jump on the spring & move towards the platform with the hint thingy & omochao are. Jump to grab the lift & jump when you reach the top. Climb up to the top & you will see the yellow A, B, & C thing. Then, without find ur way across the room without dying or falling off. Jump & grab the wall in front of you and climb on ur left to reach the platform where the mystic melody statue is. Then, turn around & glide to the next platform then jump & you will see the chao sitting there.

Quick Way To Get Rings

This way is different then any of the ones i've seen. Go to the stage select screen, and choose Route 101 with Tails, it's the little picture of tails on the highway. Sorry I don't know where it is in Story Mode. Well play this a couple times, I normaly get aout 200 to 300 rings each time I play, and I suck at the level. Either way, this is a great way to also entertain yourself while your Chao are sleeping!

Hint: Chao Swimming Or Flying:#2

For a swimming type, give a Chao a lot of animals that can swim and yellow Chaos Drives. Note: Swim type animals may decrease other abilities, such as running, power, or flying. At level 3, your Chao will be able to swim. You will soon notice that your Chao swims on its belly.

Hint: Chao Swimming Or Flying:

To get your Chao to swim, give it lots of animals that can swim. To make them fly, give them some flying type animals and bring them to the tallest cliff. Set it by the edge and he/she will walk off and start flying. Note: It may not fly the first time -- keep trying.

Useful Shortcuts In

Shortcut #1
There are 2 rockets (the small silver ones you hold onto) in this level. This shortcut comes after the first rocket. You land on a road with one of those rotating pillars you have to somersault underneath. Pass under it and there is a downward hill you have to traverse. When going down, use the spindash to gain speed. At the bottom of the hill you can jump off to the left. Go forward through the air and try to land on a red balloon. This will direct you and get you back on the road, after skipping a chunk of the level. This is quite difficult to do and will require practice.

Shortcut #2
This shortcut is also quite difficult, but more useful and looks very cool if you can do it right. After the second rocket in the level, you go through a checkpoint and down another hill. Do the same thing on this hill, using the spindash to gain speed, but this time jump off to the right. This is hard because there is a loop to the right of the road you are jumping off of. You must master the tight squeeze between the road and the loop in order to make it, because if you hit the loop it will interrupt your path and make you fall. So when you jump off the road and through that tight squeeze, there will be a red, narrow platform below you with a spring on it. If you get close enough you can use homing attack to hit the spring. If this is done correctly you should be able to grind on the whole "golden gate bridge", skipping another chunk of the level, instead of just grinding on the last segment. NOTE: this shortcut is necessary to use in order to do the 3rd mission of this level.

Easy Chaos Chao

First you have to make shore the chao transformed 2 times (goes into a teared shape cocoon twice) and then make a list of all 21 animals no chaos drives. Cheetah rabbit boar seal penguin otter parrot peacock condor bear tiger gorilla raccoon skunk sheep unicorn dragon phoenix bat skeleton dog and sea monster. Last you have to get the animals and give your chao 1 of each animal and soon after it becomes a chaos chao. There are 3 types the hero dark and neutral chaos chao, to get a specific chaos chao you raise it as a hero dark or neutral chao.

Level Up Tip

There is 1 level up item in each stage for all the characters.

Easy Rings Fast

For easy rings go to the chao garden as Knuckles. (Need digging ability) Then Just jump and dig and about every 8 times you'll get a pumpkin. When you get one go to the black market and sell it for 50 rings, repeat again and again for a fast way to get rings.

When Is My Chao Going In The Cacoon

Your chao will go in the cocoon at ether levels of 9,1 0 or 11. when its done it will probably be an angel or devil chao.

Shiny Nomal Chao

To get a shiny normal chao, you have to mate with a shiny white chao and a nomal chao.

Transparent Chao!

First buy a shiny Brown egg and a shiny sky blue egg. Then after they become adults breed them. Note: They should have a transparent chao. if they don't, experiment a little:)

Chaos Chao Garden

To get the "Chaos Chao, garden" raise a "Nuetral, Chaos Chao" you can probably can find out how somewhere on this site.

Find Your Lost Chao

Find the place where you play the Mystic Melody,and then go to the obstacle. Warning: If you do not find the lost Chao, you will find a free life.

Lost Chao In Metal Harbor

Having trouble finding that chao? Well, you have to have Sonic's bounce bracelet and mystic melody in order to get it. Go through the level until you come to the area (after you do your first ring dash) where the jets bomb you. When you come to the second set of rings, don't do the ring dash! Go to the left and there's a little building like thing with different levels. If there's a chao box, your in the right place. Get in front of the building and bounce with the bracelet to get to the second level. In the room, there's the infamous ruins. Do the mystic melody and follow the platforms. Soon, you'll get to that chao. Good luck!

Warning/Danger Glitch

This code can only be used in the dark story mode. When you complete the dark story a vidio should come up that shows eggman putting in the last Chaos Emerald. Then the computer screen should say "Warning!". Then the credits will come up and at the very end, it will show the last scene only the computer will say "Danger!". It's very weird.

Pool Quest Cheat

In the 2 player mode treasure hunt race in the Pool Quest stage you have to find a enerald underwater this can be hard because you may drown but Chaos Zero will not drown he is made of water try it.

Free Master Emerald Piece

This is very alike to the secret room in Dry Lagoon except it doesn't take that long. To get a free emerald piece in Wild Canyon, you will see boulders and stones going up with the wind. As you are going up, crash into one of the stones and an emerald piece will be inside. I beat the level in 40.7 seconds and a rank "A" with this hint.

Realistic Effects

I am not sure how this happened, but somehow there is a way to break the screen. I have only done this in City Escape and I think you have to make a GUN robot shoot the screen. When you complete the level, the crack goes away.

Watch TV With Your Chao

If you beat the final challenge race in Chao Stadium, the prize is a miniture red TV. The TV show is Sonic snowboarding down City Escape.

Horse Animal For Chao

In Rouges Dry Lagoon stage find and destroy all 3 chao boxes in the last one their should be a horse animal.

Two Of The Same Chao!

Do you have a very good chao that you want another just like well now you can this is how. First you need a GBA and a GBA and GC link and two memory cards. Put the chao you want two of into the GBA KEEP IT ON get out of the chao place. go on the other memory card go into the chao place and take the chao out and than put it on to the other memory go back to the first memory card and youll see two of the same chao.

A Sad Chao Death

Well, if you have a chao you don't like, go to the dark garden. Then, go over to the gravestone right below the birdcage hanging from the tree. Next, jump onto the gravestone. From there, jump into the cage and put the chao down. Eventually, the chao will run out of food and die. But, if you put a hero chao in there, they have a VERY limited time to live. NOTE: I have never done this to any of my chao because I think its cruel...*sigh*

Unlimited Chaos Drives Or Animals

O.K, listen up chao breeders, this is a slight glitch that makes it easier to give your chao animals and chaos drives. This takes away the trouble of going and getting more animals/chaos drives. First, you will need to go to the garden with the animal/chaos drive of your choice. Second, get your chao and place him down facing you, and pet him so he won't move. Then, get the selected animal/chaos drive and stand infront of your chao leaving a chao space inbetween. Then, press the B button and your character will put the animal/chaos drive in the space. Then, your chao will grab it, but intead of raising its stats and the item disapearing, it raises stats and the item bounces right back! Go try it!

Secret Room

Go to the Dry Lagoon stage with Rouge. Go on the ground and walk around until you find a turtle gaurded by two robots. Kill the two robots and follow the turtle. When he is in the water jump on him and press B. When the turtle comes up jump in the water. You should see a smaller turtle swimming (if you don't, wait until you do). Go very close behind the turtle and press B. You will go through a strong current. When you are out of the current press and hold A until you are above water. I think you can get it from there. Good luck!!!

Sonic Chao

To get a Sonic Chao buy any color egg then when you go back to the garden after buying an egg rock it buy holding B when you pick it up. Give it only green Chao drives and after 2 hrs. of only giving it run/green Chao drives it will be a Sonic Chao.

Shadow Chao

Buy any color egg, when you go back to the garden after buying an egg throw it at a wall and feed it only green chao drives for an hour.

Rouge's Treasure Scope

Ok. Here is what you need. Rouge's mistic melady, and the power kick thing. Here is what you do. First, go to the Security hall stage. Then, as soon as you start, turn arround and jump and grab the red handle thing that pulls you up, then go left past the floating robot with a sheld untill you see the box,where you play the mistic meadly. Then, hop on the platforms untill you get to the last one, then break the boxes and, TA-DA! There it is.(For an extra life,turn around and put on the scope.)

Super Fast Money

First get any item that is worth money. Bring it to the chao garden black market. go to sell item and right after you hit sell item and it begins to give you the money press RESET on the box. Don't shut it off cause it won't save unless you go to the garden and exit. When you go back to the garden it will be like nothing happened. you'll have your item and th money you got from selling. so if you hit your chao it will be O.K. cause you didn't save it before you hit reset.

Chao Trasformation

To get a chao to transform, you must spend a lot of time in the Chao Garden. (I mean A LOT) You need to make your chao 4 years old in game time. (To know how old your chao is, go to the Health Center in the Kindergarten) Once at age four, your chao will either trasform or die. If you treat it poorly, it'll get a gray caccoon around and die. But if you treat it nicely, a pink caccoon will go around the chao and will come back into an egg. This is what you do to get an Ultimate Light(Hero) Chao, Ultimate Dark Chao, or Ultimate Chaos Chao. Yay!

A Hint To Get Dark Chao

Ok. First, get a Dark fruit. More than 5 at least. Then give them to your chao, if it doesn't work, go to a action stage and get some rings. (Get more than 120 rings to get a Dark fruit.) Then try to give any kind of fruit, if he doesn't get it, then bingo, if he does, give him more dark fruits.

Eggman's Volkan Blaster

Go to the iron gate stage when you see a room with a circle of rings stop. There will be two tanks destroy them. I think you can figure out the rest on your own.

Secret Story

When you beat both Hero and Dark story you get another story called last.To get to it go the story select screen.

How To Defeat The Robots W/ Tentacles

When you fight the robots you try to attack them but they hide in their shells. To defeat them just keep attacking eventually they pop out to attack. If you keep attacking you should end up hitting their head. Note: This works best with Tails or Eggman.

Forest In The City ?!?!

This is more of a Glitch than a hint. On the City Escape level when your running away from the G.U.N. Truck you should come to a ramp. DO NOT JUMP OFF IT. You must have a sheild/ring grabber to do this trick. After going past that first ramp you will come to a turn. Jump while your turning. You should hit the top of the truck and lose your sheild/ring grabber and fly over the buildings. Then you will fall and fall and the buildings will become invisible and you will hit a invisible ground and lose all your rings. You will then continue to fall and you will fall into a forest and die.

Chao Evolutions

If you spend 1 hour with wour chao, it will evolve. After another hour it will evolve again. If you give it 1 of every animal, after another hour it will evolve again into a chaos chao. If you don't give it the animals, the cocoon may turn grey, in which case your chao will be reborn as a baby. If it does not turn grey, it will evolve again to the same chao with a different look. This processcan repeat over and over.

Second Chao Evolution

After a Chao's first Cocoon evolution, it does evolve once more. However this second evolution is just a gradual change in the appearance.

How To Get Blue Flame On Your Dark Or Hero Choa

Go to pumkin hill and destroy all three choa boxes and there will be a fish animal at the last box. Give that fish to your choa and it will have a blue flame! Warning: It might take more then one,if u give it choa drives the flame will go away,and it will take away the animal parts.

Beat The Bio-Lizard Easily

Start the fight by standing for about 1 second, just enough for him to catch up with you, then run the opisite was, but don't run to far or you will be chased by his tail. After about 30 seconds he will rest, leaving you on oppertunaty to hit him, grind up the flashing pipe and Home-attack the Red Life Suport System. Now run around again and this time when he stops he will try to shoot you with energy balls, to avoid the high ones, do a sumersalt, to avoid the lower ones, just jump. He should be resting again after about 5 shots. Grind and Home-attack again. For the 3rd hit, he will shoot faster energy balls. Do the same as the last ones, just be quicker with it since he fires more at a faster rate, again when he rests, grind and Home- attack. For the 4th hit, he will now create tiny eggs to atack you, Home-attack them to reach the Life Support System. For the 5th hit, he will make more eggs, but now, like the energy balls they are faster, just Home-attack and hit the Life System. For the 6th and final hit, he will mess with the gravity after the 5th hit and make some more eggs that move in a circle, to make it the his Life System, carefuly make your way to it and Home-attack it.

Make Your Chao A Chaos Chao

To make your Chao the ultimight life form you must let your chao reincarnat at least twice and gie him 1 of evey animal then when he reincarnat's the 3rd time he should be a adult imortal chaos chao you can see what these chao will look like by racing in hero races and dark races.

Beat Finalhazard Easily

Finalhazard: This guy is fun! The Bio-Lizard hoocked whats left of him to the ARK and plans to still destroy Earth. For the 1st hit, he fires some aggs at you on and off. Just hit the A button to fly up, or the B button to fly down and push forward to move, and if you start to lose rings, go behind the Bio-Lizard to switch Sonic to Shadow and vise versa, but you should just switch when you are about at 5-10 rings. Now that you know the controls, move toward the red swelling area and try to dodge the eggs. (they are easy to dodge on the first hit), press B or A near the swelling area to damage him. For the 2nd hit, he fires some lasers now, just dodge them and hit the swelling area. For the 3rd hit, he keeps the lasers on this time and tries to hit you, they are harder to dodge now, just hit the swelling area. For the 4th hit, he shoots 2 lasers this time, this gets difficult now, try to dodge both lasers and get to the swelling area also, he shoots eggs out after about 20 seconds if you havent hit him yet. For the 5th hit, he shoots eggs and lasers now, try to dodge and hit the swelling area. For the 6th and final hit, he shoots even more eggs and his lasers are more accurate, it is very hard to hit him now, but when you do, you have beat the game!

Dark/Hero Trait Fruit

To make a choa turn hero of dark faster, have them win a couple of races, then feed them a lot of food. After that go to choa kindergarten and buy either hero trait fruit, or dark trait fruit. Then leave your choa alone for a while buy playing with another choa in the same garden, your choa will transform faster than if yo just train and feed it.

Pure Black Chao

To get a pure black chao (not the ones you pet with a dark character) you have to buy it in the tiny chao garden. It 20000 rings but its worth it.

Call Chao

Instead of having to chase down an energetic chao, you can call him to you side. Use the same character to give upgrades to the chow for a little more than 2 years of it's life.(game time not real time) Use the doctor to determine how long this is. After two years, if th3e chow can walk, you can use the same character it knows to and whistle to call it over. If It's not sleeping or swimming, it will run over with a smile on it's face. This won't work if you hit the chao or do anything that would ordinarily remove a hat.

Hide The Pause Menu

When the game is paused, push and hold X and Y to hide the menu.

Tails Can FLY

Find a place where tails is on foot (chao garden) press and hold A and tails will fly!

Shadow's Mystic Melody

In the Final Chase get to the pole that has an electric fence all around it get to the top and you will see a square platform with Mystic melody.


While doing a jump press A down the whole time and you'll do a trick!

Rouge's Mystic Melody

First you need to go to the Dry Lagoon stage and you need the Pick Nails and Iron Boots power-up items. Next go to the ledge of the top area. (in the small oasis) Then you destroy the iron containers. Then you will see a painting that you can dig into. The Mystic Melody is behind the painting. (if i remember correctly there might be two paintings that you can dig into, if you dont find the Mystic Melody in the one you dug into then try and find the other one)

Dr. Eggman's Mystic Melody

You need to go to the Sand Ocean stage and you need the Jet Engine power-up. Then right at the biggening of the stage you will see a spinning platform, then go off to the left and use your Jet Engine to fly over to it. Another hint is that when you get Mystic Melody you will bummed out because you have to finish the rest of the stage right? well think again i found out that when you get Mystic Melody for Dr. Eggman that if you press start and go to exit that you will still have Mystic Melody! (beware though, i dont know if will work for everyone else but it probally does)

Tails' Mystic Melody

First you need to go to the Hidden Base stage and you need the bazooka power-up. Next you keep going until you see a small pat with a chao box on it. (you might see a chao box before the one that you need to go on but still ckeck it out just in case its the right one and you go past it) Then after you destroy the chao box destroy the iron containers behind the chao box and then you will see the Mystic Melody.

Knuckles' Mystic Melody

You will need this item if you want to get past the 3rd mission on all of knuckles' levels. first go to the Wild Canyon stage, then go up the air tube then go look around until you find a statue thats alone, then go above it's head (on the wall) there will be a painting, you have to dig into the painting then you will drop into another room in there you will find it. Use Mystic Melody when you come by a little shrine then you will have to do (or go on) whatever happens after a while you will complete the 3rd mission. (which is find a lost chao)

Knuckles Sunglasses

Go to the meteor level,when you start you should see a big platform in the middle of the level, go on there and blow every locked door open with the big meteors that are blue to open them. Once you find the metel crate, break it open and there should be a switch, once you hit it, you should see a very short clip of where you need to go and it opening, go down there to get the sunglasses. They will let knuckles see invisibal stuff.

Ring Trick

Beat hero story level final rush, get the mystic melody there. In stage select beat collect 100 rings, when you do the misson, find the lost chao, collect as much rings as possible through the level and go through the back ring at the end, do this until you have 999 rings, this is useful for getting the shiny eggs. NOTE: Don't get hit by ANY enemy, or you will lose all your rings and only 20 will appear!! When you have 999 rings look for the ruins and play the mystic melody by it, and bounce your way up to the chao!

Review The Cinema

To make it simple, just beat the story's once and then you can go back to a certain scene and start from there. Each time you exit the story mode you can start from a different scene. This works with the Hero, Dark, and Last scenes.

Extra Abilities

Magic Gloves (Sonic):  They allow sonic to change nearby enemies into balls that you can throw at other enemies.  After aquiring the bounce attack, go back to the city escape stage.  Right after you run vertically down a building, you will see four metal boxes on the floor in front of you.  Using the bounce attack, destroy the boxes.  
Under you are the Magic Gloves.

Laser Blaster (Tails):  The laser blaster is a booster for your cannon. Whenever you destroy an enemy, there will be an explosion destroying any enemies near it.  To get it, go the Prison Lane stage after aquiring the Vulcan blaster.  In the last hallway, in which you are separated from the goal by a barred wall, you will see enemies in the room.  Destroy them all, and the door will open, allowing you to finish the stage.  Instead of finishing the stage though, turn around.  There is one enemy in the top left corner.  Once destroyed, a door to the left of the goal will open.  This reveals four metal boxes.  Destroy them and behind them is the laser blaster.

Secret Beetles

You know when you find gold-like beetles. Destroy them very quickly or else they will dissapear. Kill one, you will have an extra 1000 points (not coins).

Secret Dragon In Aquatic Mine

Climb around the tops of the walls in the small circuler room where you get the air necklace.

Knuckles: Air Neckalace

To get knuckles`s air necklace, go to Aqatic mine and lower the water down to 3 (the switch is on the top floor right across from the mystic melody platform). Now go to the floor you started on and run around. Sooner or later you will find a small opening near a GHOST DANGER sign. Drop in and walk down till you find water. Swim down and go through each tube and down into the little drop off. After that you have keep on pressing A to swim up faster. Finally, jump once to reach the Air Neckalace. Swim back down on your way, you will never loose air.

Alternate Costumes In 2-Player Mode

Finish all of the character's missions.

Unlock Green Hill Zone

Get all 180 Emblems and unlock the 3D version of Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 1.

Challenge Races

To Unlock the challenge races complete all of the chao races.

Alien Chao

Feed your chao lots of yellow animals (this takes time to do so be patient!).Then keep on feeding your chao tellow chao drives.After a while it will starn to turn dark and greenish.Note: This works best in the dark chao garden.Also it will start forming antlers just like alien.

De-leg Your Chao

In Dr.Eggman's level Lost Colony, when you start go down the hall and in the room to the left should be a bat. Pick it up then go to the choa garden. Give it to your choa. He will lose his legs.

E102 Appearance

In Rouge's Inside the Pyramid stage, one of the robots you blow up is E-102.

Big The Cat Appearances

In Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill stage, go to the one of the train gates. You can see Big The Cat hiding behind the gate, waving to you. In the City Escape stage, Big The Cat appears after the last corner in the G.U.N. truck vs. Sonic scene. Look for him at the right of the screen, running downhill on the sidewalk away from the truck. In the Tails stage where you are running from the police and you first get your hover ability, Big The Cat can be seen again. There is a part in the level where you need to knock a column over in order to use it as a step to reach a higher level, from which you hover over to a platform with a police barricade and two robots. If you miss the platform and fall in the hole, you will see Big the Cat sitting on the girders underneath the platform. You can also see him in the battle against Sonic while playing as Shadow.

Quickly Complete Security Hall Stage

In the Security Hall stage you play as Rouge The Bat and are given 5 minutes to complete it. This can be quite difficult. If you have enough lives you can do this trick. If you cannot seem to find the Emeralds, intentionally die. You will keep the existing Emeralds that you have collected. You will begin at the start of the level and the Emeralds will move to different places. This is the fastest method for completing the stage if you are having trouble.

Run On Foot In City Escape Stage

At the start of the City Escape stage, instead of landing on the ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause the game if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the stage to run on foot and not on the board.

Chao Pillow

Go to a Chao Garden and get a coconut. Then with a sleeping Chao, pick up the coconut and put it by the its head. The coconut will act as a pillow.

Pumpkin Head For Chao

Find one of the Skeleton Dogs; the easiest place to do so is the Pumpkin Hill stage with Knuckles, and combine it with your Chao. With either Knuckles or Rouge, start digging around in the Chao Garden. Eventually a pumpkin will appear. If you give it to the Chao mixed with the Skeleton Dog it will put it on its head. If you want to take it off, either throw or hit your Chao.

Good And Evil Chao Races

Get a good Chao and a bad Chao to unlock the good and evil Chao races.

Hero Garden For Chao

Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train the Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.

Dark Garden For Chao

Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters. Continually feed and train the Dark Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Garden.

Hero Or Dark Chao

To make a Chao a Hero, simply use a Hero character and keep petting them. If done long enough, it will go white and be a Hero. To make it Dark, just use a Dark character and do the same thing.

Multi-player Characters

Collect all 180 Emblems to unlock the following hidden multi-player characters:
Racing: Hero 
Space Sonic 

Racing: Dark 
Space Shadow 
Mecha Sonic 

Shooting: Hero 
Space Tails 

Shooting: Dark 
Space Eggman 

Hunting: Hero 
Space Knuckles 

Hunting: Dark 
Space Rouge 

Play As Tikal The Echinda In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Knuckles' stages and missions with an "A" ranking to unlock Tikal The Echinda in kart mode.

Play As Metal Sonic In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Shadow's stages and missions with an "A" ranking to unlock Metal Sonic in kart mode.

Play As Amy Rose In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Sonic's stages and missions with an "A" ranking to unlock Amy Rose in kart mode.

Play As Rouge In Alternate Costume In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Rouge's stages and missions to unlock her in an alternate costume in kart mode.

Play As Knuckles In Alternate Form In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Knuckles' stages and missions to unlock him in his alternate form in kart mode.

Play As Eggman In Alternate Eggwalker In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Eggman's stages and missions to unlock him in his alternate Eggwalker in kart mode.

Play As Tails In The Tornado 1 In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Tails' stages and missions to unlock him in the Tornado 1 in kart mode.

Play As Shadow In Alternate Costume In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Shadow's stages and missions to unlock him in an alternate costume in kart mode.

Play As Sonic In Alternate Costume In Kart Mode

Successfully complete all of Sonic's stages and missions to unlock him in the PSO suit in Kart mode.

Bonus Stage

To get a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone stage, from Sonic The Hedgehog, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all "A" rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest stage will have the face of Sonic on it.

Last Stage

Successfully complete the Hero and Dark side story modes. Then, enter story mode and a "Last Stage?" selection will appear on the menu between the Hero and Dark selections.

Boss Attack Mode

Successfully complete the Hero or Dark side story modes to unlock boss attack mode. You will be able to fight the bosses from the side of the story you completed.

Kart Racing Mini-game

Successfully complete Tails' driving quest in the Hero side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Hero side story. Successfully complete Rouge's chase mission in the Dark side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Dark side story.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Unlockables & Awards

Additional Gardens For Chao

There are 2 additional gamrdens for your Chao to play in. To unlock them, you merely have to get a corresponding chao. To unlock the Hero Garden, Get a Hero Chao. To get the Dark Garden, get a dark chao.