Sonic Colors Cheats & Codes

Infinite Boost

Collect all red special rings in the six main zones to unlock the ability to toggle an unlimited boost gauge at the options menu. Note: This cannot be done in Time Attack or Versus modes.

Sonic Colors Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Play As Shadow The Hedgehog

When you are playing as Sonic in the simulator, PRESS 2 and you will switch to Shadow (a red and black hedgehog you'd do well to avoid in other games).

Mario Reference

I don't know where again but underwater there is a pipe that is very simallar 2 Super Mario's pipes.

Title Screen Manipulation

At the title screen use the control stick to turn the camera to look at Sonic and the aliens from different angles.

Sonic Sim. Different Colored Sonic

When selecting sonic in sonic simulator, click c & z on the wiimote or l & r on the gamecube controller and the sonic will change colors.

Sonic Colors Unlockables & Awards

Unlock SuperSonic

To unlock Super Sonic, you have to collect 180 Red Rings, and then clear every Sonic simulator stage. You have to collect the Red Rings from the 36 regular acts. Once that's done, you unlock the second and third simulator acts. You must clear all 21 of those acts.

Unlock The True Ending

Complete Terminal Velocity with all of the Chaos Emeralds, and then after the credits go back to the game - After the video cut-scene, you can play the final stage and fight the NegaMother Wisp.

Unlock Nega-mother Wisp Final Stage

If you successfully complete Terminal Velocity with all emeralds, then after the credits have completed, return to the game. After a quick cut-scene, the final stage with Nega-Mother Wisp will be available at the very top of the world map.

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