Sonic Gems Collection Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlock SUPERSONIC: Sonic The Fighters

This hint will be a little tricky to accomplish so listen carefully. Play as Sonic and beat the challengers without losing a single round. Then at stage 9, when you fight against Metal sonic, beat him in round 1. In the next round, activate SuperSonic by activating hypermode.

Start At Different Stage:Vectorman

At the SEGA logo screen, move to the bottom of the screen and blast the SEGA logo 24 times and bead-butt it 12 times. The SEGA letters will fall. If you capture 90 of the letters, you will start at stage 5, get 110 letters and you will start at stage 10.

Stage Select : Sonic2

Right after the SEGA logo appears, hold the down/left position, A, B, and start until you get to the title screen. Tails will blink his eye. At the third wink, when he closes his eye completely, press start and you will hear a "ring" sound.

Moving R Character : SonicR

At the title screen, move the R by moving the control stick. You can also use the Y button to make it change color

Unlock Pictures For The Museum

To unlock pictures for the museum, perform the tasks that is listed on the empty space. You can also unlock trailers for Sonic Heroes and play demos of other classic Sonic games. Once you've collected every picture, you will recieve a picture congratulating you for your success.

Unlock Vectorman

To unlock Vectorman, play the game for a total of 5 hours or have Sonic Heroes or Sonic Mega Collection saved on your memory card.

Unlock Vectorman 2

To unlock Vectorman 2, play the game for 7 hours and play Vectorman at least once.

Unlocking Characters For Sonic R

Do the following to unlock each character. To unlock Dr. Eggman, place first in all courses. To unlock Egg Robo, find all five tokens in Regal Ruins, finish in at least 3rd place, and beat Egg Robo. To unlock Metal Knuckles, find all five tokens in Reactive Factory, finish in at least 3rd place, and beat Metal Knuckles. To unlock Metal Sonic, find all five tokens in Resort Island, finish in at least 3rd place, and beat Metal Sonic. To unlock Tails Doll, find all five tokens in Radical City, finish in at least 3rd place, and beat Tails Doll. To unlock Super Sonic, Get all seven Chaos Emeralds.