Sonic Riders Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Quick Level Up For Slash Canyon

Go to time trial and pick splash canyon, pick between the first 7characters and thier or high booster, go around and collect 17 coins before the waterfall what ever character yuo pick take the short cut when you get to the bridge before the shrp turn get one of the two containers closest to the cave it's 30 coins then make the sharp turn but time it correctly, then go into the cave ancollect the first 4 coins you see.

Easier Way To Win The Tournaments

First choose Dr. Eggman to race in any tournament, then you choose the heaviest bike and as long as you don't crash or if keep air during the races you should be able to win both tournaments.

Jet's Missions

To unlock Jet's Mission mode, complete all of Storm's and Wave's missions. This includes their missions at SEGA Carnival and SEGA Illusion.

Sonic Riders Unlockables & Awards

SEGA Illusion

To unlock this stage, get the gold emblem on Babylon Cup.

Supersonic Character

Receive all gold emblems for Storm's, Wave's, and Jet's missions. When finished, a gear called, "Chaos Emerald," should automatically be available for Sonic the Hedgehog. This gear will automatically transform Sonic to Supersonic.

Super Sonic

To unlock this guy, you must earn a Gold Medal on all of Storm's, Wave's, and Jet's Missions. When you do, you unlock the Chaos Emerald Gear for Sonic. Super Sonic has unlimited air, but uses rings instead. So don't run out or you'll revert back to Sonic and have to grab more rings.

SEGA Carnival

To open this course, win the Gold Emblem on the Heroes Cup in World Grand Prix mode. You'll need 48-50 points.

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