Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Unlockables & Awards

Super Sonic

To get super sonic you have to get extreme on all of the missions in both sonic team and babylon.

NiGHTS,Amigo,Billy Hatcher

To unlock these three charecters, you must complete hereo and babylon story, then complete all missions (rank dose not matter).

Sliver The Hedgehog

Beat the Babylon story.

Shadow The Hedgehog

To unlock him you have to beat the heroes story.

Unlock Silver, Blaze, Dr. Eggman, And SCR-GP

To unlock Silver ,Blaze, Dr. Eggman, and SCR-GP, successfully beat Babylon Story.

Unlock Shadow, Rouge, And Cream

To unlock Shadow, Rouge, and Cream, successfully beat Heroes Story.

Unlock Babylon Story

To unlock Babylon Story, you must successfully beat Heroes Story.

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