Sonic Rush Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything

R, R, L, L, X, Y, X, Y, Start.

Sonic Rush Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Special Stages

To get to special stages you have to be sonic. Those colorful spinners you see in the levels will take you to a special stage if you have enough boost.

Same Bosses, Different Actions

The Leaf Storm and Huge Crisis bosses look exactly alike but the actions are different. On the Huge Crisis boss, it shoots homing missiles at you and on its most powerful attack, it follows you instead of staying in one place AND it tries to get you with 3 attacks, not just once. In other words just be careful on bosses that look alike!

Beat Desert Boss

You cant hit the cockpit directly so you have to use his own weapon against him. Use his needle ball when the needles disappear to jump and make it roll the other way. If he jumps, hit the ball again and it will hit him.

Get Blaze The Cat

Play the first stage and go to the boss. After you beat it, you will get blaze!

Sonic Rush Unlockables & Awards

Unlock X- Zones In Time Attack

Beat the entire game as Sonic and Blaze.

Unlock Extra Zone

To unlock Extra Zone (Located on the character select screen) beat the game with Sonic and Blaze and get all the Chaos and Sol Emeralds with them and you will unlock Extra Zone.

Unlock Sound Test and Time Attack

Beat the Final boss as Sonic or Blaze.