Soulbringer Cheats & Codes

The Codes And Their Effects

Result			Code

God mode			iamgod
Full health			smoghead
Enable debug mode		debug on
Disable debug mode		debug off
God mode in last level		iamgoddess
Kill onscreen enemies		giants
Toggle flight mode		enabled fly
Land in flight mode		active drop
List weapon names in debug mode	all weapons
Obtain indicated item		gimme 
Remove fog			foghack
Switch view to nearest enemy	switch
Unlock doors		opensezme

Soulbringer Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Kill Bishop Mortan

If your looking to kill Bishop Mortan as fast as pollible, this is how you do it. Use your fire- bolt and fire-ball spells. (You can only use fire-bolt if you have bought the scrolls from Elic for a little gold. [unless you have little gold.])