Soviet Strike Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level	Password

1	NOSFERATU (Start with 7 lives)

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes as a password:

Code		What It Does

MOUNTADEW	Infinite fuel
STRANGELUV	Infinite ammunition
IAMWOMAN	Infinite armor
MIDNIGHOIL	Infinite ammunition, fuel, and invincibility
FUGAZI		Infinite ammunition, fuel, and attempts
THEBIGBOYS	Infinite fuel, attempts, and armor
VULTURE		Double fuel mileage
SADISSA		Four attempts
DAVEDITHER	Double damage
ANGRYLOCAL	Helicopter viewed as hostile
GHANDI		Helicopter viewed as friendly
QUAKER		Peaceful world

Infinite Attempts

Enter any valid level password, but press Triangle instead of Start to clear the entry. Then, enter "ELVISLIVES" as a password.

Soviet Strike Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


On the Kremlin, go to the southeast couner of the map to find a construction zone with several piles of scrap meatal. Blow this stuff up inside on of these piles is a tankgun. You are given 500 roundsof ammo, but you can not refill it after you use it up and if you die you want have it on your next attempt.

Bathroom Break Part 2

I almost forgot. You can't do this if you complete all the mission's obejtives in one level session. Best of all you can see this funny bathroom break as many times as you want. Until Nick blows up the shed that is.

Hilarious Agent Bathroom Break!

This is a useless but funny code! In level 1 after you rescue Nick Arnold go back to home base and from your takeoff point cut to the right side of the base and keep on going outwards and you will come across a small shack with a landing pad. Land and when Nick enters the shed let the laughs begin!

Guaranteed Kill

To perform this trick, you must have the all weapons with infinite ammo code on. Before starting a mission, configure your chopper to have a balanced load. Next, in the mission, if there is something you want to kill in a rush, press all the missile buttons and the machine gun button at the same time and hold for desired time. This ensures a kill, and you can do this as much as you wish to!

Christmas Bonus

Go to the south-eastern corner of the Crimea strike map to find Santa Claus and the reindeer getting ready to depart for the holidays. Shoot the sleigh without hitting Santa or the reindeer to receive an extra life.