Spider-Man 2 Cheats & Codes

Storyboard Viewer

Enter FRZFRAME as a code

All Production Art

Enter SHUTT as a code.

Enemies Have Big Heads And Feet

Enter BAHLOONIE as a code.

Small Spider-Man

Enter SPIDEYMAN as a code.

Spider-Man Has Big Head And Feet

Enter HEAVYHEAD as a code.

All Levels Unlock

Go to Option, then Special and then Cheats and type WARPULON.

All Movies


All Moves

In the cheats area enter the code "MYHERO" to unlock all special moves.

Infinite Webbing

Enter the options menu, select "Special", then choose the "Cheats" option. Enter "FILLMEUP" as a code.


Enter the options menu, select "Special", then choose the "Cheats" option. Enter "NERGETS" as a code.

Level Select

Successfully complete the game with a 100%, then start a new game and enter "FLUWDEAR" as a name.

Spider-Man 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Defeating Rhino

To defeat Rhino, all you have to do is jump. While you are in the air, press L. Then, wait for him to run into the wall and get some combos on him. When he runs into the next room, do the same. Run around the poles when he gets the big pipe.

Defeating Doc Ock

Save all of the people on the train and complete the other levels until you get to the level where he recreates his machine. To complete this level you must destroy all of the power generators. To do this, follow the cord that is streaked with orange (or yellow) and black. You will then get to the generators. Just kick them to destroy them. His shield will then go away and you must take out all of his legs; however, be careful. Then to defeat him, keep punching and kicking away.

Defeating Mysterio

You first need to know which hologram is him. To do that, you look at the faces behind all of the holograms. The one that is smiling will have the real Mysterio directly in front of it. Do not touch him while the three fireballs are orbiting his head. When he tries to shoot you and no longer has them orbiting his head, go in and hit him. When the fireballs return, back off. Keep repeating this. Note: Do not forget about the other holograms; they are just as powerful.

Defeating Vulture

Stay in the construction area on top of the building. Remain in between the two buildings that Vulture cannot get to you. After awhile, his health will get down to green. He will land, and this is when you can attack him. Do it quickly; you only get five to ten seconds to punch him.

Defeating Shocker

To defeat Shocker, you must let Rhino knock down the platform he is standing on (see the "Defeating Rhino" hint). Then, lock in on him with the Spidey target and either blind him or hold L and press Triangle. Keep doing that and try not to die.

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