Spiderman 3 Cheats & Codes

To Play As Venom

Go to main menu then press A(2), B(2), Up, Down, Left, Right.

Spiderman 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Endless Enemies

This will happen in the level called Kingpin's Mansion when your webbing the last of the cameras in the last part of it. When you get caught by the very last camera that's near Kingpin's office, then there's an enemy there. After you defeat that enemy and go back to where the camera is and back to the door, then you'll see other enemies again. If you keep going back to the camera and back to the door, enemies will keep appearing.

The Day After Tommorow

The first thing that is always required is to have the black suit. This glitch ONLY works on the level called " Follow the Limo. " When you get on the limo, swing on either side to let the limo get away. Then when you get back on where you started, wait until the enemies come. While you're doing that, there's a yellow bar. Once you completed the yellow bar, everything except Spider-Man and the limo are frozen.

Full Health Black Suited Spiderman

This works with the black suit only. I tried this on the level Follow the Limo. When you get on the limo you must swing all the way to either side off the limo. Then let an enemy get you damage. You might think that you will lose that black suit but it turns out that you still have it. The only problem is this other glitch when you finish the yellow bar.

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