SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom Cheats & Codes

Colorless Enemies

Enter Technus, Jimmy, traloc, Plankton

Enemies In Blue

Enter Beautiful Gorgeous, Zim, Plankton, Technus

Enemies In Red

Enter SpongeBob, Tak, Jimmy, Danny

Extra Attack

Enter Dib, Plankton, Technus, Jimmy

Extra Defense

Enter Zim, Danny, Plankton, Beautiful Gorgeous

Hard Bosses

Enter Plankton, Beautiful Gorgeous, Technus, Traloc

Hard Enemies

Enter SpongeBob, Dib, Dib, Technus

Infinite Health

Enter Tak, Traloc, Jimmy, Beautiful Gorgeous

Instant Ko

Enter Dib, Tak, Beautiful Gorgeous, Plankton

Invincible Partner

Enter Plankton, Tak, Beautiful Gorgeous, SpongeBob

Items +

Enter Danny, Beautiful Gorgeous, Jimmy, Technus

Items ++

Enter SpongeBob, Traloc, SpongeBob, Danny

Max Defense

Enter Plankton, Dib, Beautiful Gorgeous, Plankton

No Health Items

Enter Tak, SpongeBob, Technus, Danny

Prices Down

Enter Traloc, Zim, Beautiful Gorgeous, SpongeBob

Super Beautiful Gorgeous

Enter Beautiful Gorgeous, Technus, Jimmy, Beautiful Gorgeous

Super Danny

Enter Danny, Zim, Danny, Beautiful Gorgeous

Super Dib

Enter Zim, Plankton, Dib, Plankton

Super Jetpack

Enter Beautiful Gorgeous, Traloc, Jimmy, Jimmy

Super Jimmy

Enter Technus, Danny, Jimmy, Technus

Super Plankton

Enter Tak, Plankton, Dib, Technus

Super Spongebob

Enter Technus, SpongeBob, Technus, Traloc

Super Tak

Enter Danny, Jimmy, Tak, Traloc

Super Technus

Enter Danny, Technus, Tak, Technus

Super Traloc

Enter Traloc, Beautiful Gorgeous, Dib, SpongeBob

Super Zim

Enter Plankton, Zim, Technus, SpongeBob

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