Spy Fiction Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Name Glitch

During the first level, locate the cowgirl lotto ticket (in the room near the lab hidden in a picture frame). Pause and unpause the game quickly just before you take the ticket. If you did it successfully, the game will refer to the hero (Billy Bishop) as Bishy Billop until you complete it.

Unlock Secret Ending

Finish the game two times with anyone

Unlock Scarface Mode

Beat the game once with anyone

Metal Gear & Splinter Cell Reference

Near one of the labs in level one, Billy will walk by a cage containing a snake which is located next to a fish tank. Billy will say "These guys don't look so tough" which is a reference to Solid Snake and Max Fisher.

Unlock Special Option

Beat the game once with anyone

Unlock Costume 4

Beat the game once with Sheila

Unlock Costume 3

Beat the game once with Billy